Founder and Curator of the Agency AGENT AGITATEUR, Cyril was CEO for several companies in Sport, Communication, Education, Media, Internet and production among others. His agency is rapidly expanding with talents that are, shooting, writing, and directing.


Partner and in charge of the Finance Department of the Agency, Sonia particularly deals with its administrative management and the connections with financial institutions.


Anne is an agent, a future partner and an collaborator of Cyril Cannizzo.
She is in charge of the follow up with the talents of the Agency, the casting directors and with productions companies. 

Annaëlle L'HOPITAL

Anne Laforestrie's assistant, Johanna also coordinates the reception and the logistics of both the managers and the clients of the Agency.

Donatienne GRIZARD

Donatienne is the international collaborator of Cyril Cannizzo.
Head of monitoring  the international  talents  of the agency, the  casting directors  across borders  and  anglo-saxon productions.

Assistant Agent : Ferhat ABBAS

Assitant du Pôle Auteur de l'Agence , en charge des relations avec les Auteurs et les producteurs, Ferhat travaille en étroite collaboration avec Cyril Cannizzo et Anne Laforestrie.

Service Juridique - Aurélien LE FEUVRE